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2mm Gold Connectors-3 Pairs (6pcs.)

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12 x 2mm Gold Plated Bullet Connector Pairs. Pack contains 3 male and 3 female connectors with cut-away for easy soldering(6 pcs total). These connectors are rated up to 40A and we recommend you use them for 20-22 AWG wire (or less). You may struggle to fit thicker wire into the hollows on these connectors. These are the same connectors which we use in our soldering service for our ESCs, Motors, etc.


  1. Rated Current: 40A
  2. Diameter: 2mm
  3. Material: Brass
  4. Plating: Gold
  5. Length: 12.5mm(Each)
  6. Diameter: 2mm
  7. Weight: 0.4g(Pair)

Package Includes:

1 x 2mm Gold Connectors-3 Pairs (6pcs.)



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