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Blade High Performance 64mm 12-Blade EDF Unit

Blade High Performance 64mm 12-Blade EDF Unit

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If you're looking for high performance and that realistic jet sound in your latest 64mm sized EDF model, then look no further than this high quality 12 bladed unit.
The 12 blade fan moves a greater volume of air to make for a quiet unit with an amazing sound, this is the closest you will ever get to the sound of a turbine without actually buying one!

Molded from 30% FRP with integral mounting lugs, the unit is for use with 20mm EDF motors or those with a 20mm extension and has adapters to suit 3.17 and 4mm motor shafts.

For the best results from this and any ducted fan unit we strongly recommend checking the balance of the complete assembly and eliminating any sources of vibration.

Outside diameter: 66.7mm (78mm with intake lip)
Shroud length: 45mm
Rotor diameter: 64mm  
Material: Carbon fiber reinforced Nylon rotor 
Motor dia: 20.5mm max
Shaft adaptor to motor: 3.17mm or 4mm
Recommended motors: 3300Kv motor for 3s/2800Kv motor for 4s
Max RPM: 38000 RPM
Max power: 1300W
Weight: 43g w/intake lip

64mm 12-Blade EDF Unit
Intake lip
3.17 & 4.0mm shaft adapters
Retaining nut & washer

Always use a Watt meter to ensure that your motor and ESC are running within specs, as 10/12 blade fans draw more current than conventional types.

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