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DZ500 - FPV plane (laser cut kit with motor)

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The DZ500 has been designed with FPV in mind but it also makes a great sport flyer, simple and cheap to build, it's heaps of fun no matter how you use it!
The nicely constructed balsa airframe has been naturally weighted "tail heavy" to account for the additional weight of FPV equipment, the nose has also been shaped in such a way as to make the DZ500 ideal for camera installation. The model comes with instructions and hardware, including CF wing mounting tubes, being a bare airframe, this allows the builder to choose exactly how he wants to equip the model.

The DZ500 is huge amounts of fun to make and fly, it is very stable with great slow fly ability, however, it can be suprisingly fast and aerobatic! Most models of this genre are foam, the DZ500 is just that little bit different, it is a nicely made balsa alternative to a foamy wing that is cheap to build, fun to fly!

Nice Quality Balsa Construction
Expertly Pre-Covered
Simple and Fast Construction
Versatile Payload Capability
Purpose Designed for FPV
Cheap to build

Wingspan: 1020mm
Length: 695mm
Flying Weight (Approx): 600g

Package content:
One kit (not assembled)
brushless motor 1800Kv

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX with Delta Mixing orAvionic RCB7X
30amp esc
2 nos - 9gms Avionic servos
6"~8" Prop
FPV Equipment
Wolfpack 2200 mAh 3s Lipoly Battery
covering film

* Please note: This model s designed for FPV applications and is therefore naturally tail heavy, for sport flying applications, a larger Lipoly should be used to compensate for the lack of FPV equipment, for instance a 2650mAh 3s pack Minimum.

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