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Fatshark Attitude V4 FPV Headset

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Fatshark Attitude V4 FPV Goggles 4:3 Video Headset With DVR 5.8G 32CH OLED RX

Fatshark have updated their Attitude range with this classy 10th Anniversary Edition to provide a classic FPV Headset. This limited-edition headset comes with red trimming to give it a spectacular, special look.


The Attitude V4 comes with all the excellent features like 32 degrees Field of View (FOV), 4:3 VGA display for the most immersive viewing experience. There is a built-in DVR for recording all your flights with ease. Plus, there is a new 5.8GHz OLED 32 channel video receiver to provide better image stability with improved signal sensitivity. The receiver has a simple-to-use one-touch band changing capability with channel scanning and a spectrum analyzer for clean and easy channel selection. To keep your viewing extra clear and fog free there is an inbuilt exhaust fan.


Is there a better way than to have a party and commemorate Fatsharks 10th Anniversary than with the new Attitude V4 10th Anniversary Edition FPV Headset? For extreme FPV flying.


• New OLED 32 channel receiver module with improved signal sensitivity and stability
• 32° field of view (FOV)
58-72mm IPD Range (adjustable)
• 4:3 VGA 640 x 480 display
• NTSC/PAL auto selecting
• 9DOF 3-axis head tracker
• Modular Receiver Bay
• Digital Video Recorder (DVR) (no audio)
• Exhaust fan for fog free viewing
• DC in: 7~13V (2S~3S)
• Power consumption: 2.7W


Attitude V4 Anniversary Edition Headset
Brand new OLED 32 channel receiver module with improved signal sensitivity and stability
SpiroNET omni antenna
1000 mAh battery with LED indicator
Battery charge cable
Zipper carry case
Cleaning cloth


Please Note:
Exposing the lens to direct light sources will result in LCD damage
HDMI input and DVR audio are not supported

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