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Flip32 F3 AIO

Flip32 F3 AIO

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cross the machine Flight Control Betaflight cooperate OMNIBUS F3 AIO Flight Control Suitable for QAV210 250 215

OMNIBUSF3 is flight control and OSD program in a MCU.Without requiring additional MCU control OSD,in the mean time OSD scheduling software integrated with flight control parameter adjustment.Input and ouput interface adapt to regular device ,decrease conversion of wire and connector,reduce the risk of poor contact line,improve the convenience of Assembly and maintenance.Not only it use MPU6000 transducer,but also through the SPI bus connection,which provide greater control precision and faster response.

STM32 F303 MCU Single Chip Micyoco
Barometer BMP280 (optional)
9-axis MPU6000 transducer use SPI connection
1-4 channel PWM motor output interface is fully functional pinhole with spacing 2.54
5-8 channel only provide signal output
Extra one SH1.0 Socket is convenience with  four ESC connected with the drive motor road 1-4.
Board size:35*35mm
Installation Hole:30.5*30.5mm
Comes standard SD card slot
Support 4S Battery direct connection
Single Chip Micyoco control OSD chip through SPI bus DMS mode,faster speed.
The external expansion SPI bus to VTX and RX,expand control RTC6705 image transmission.

Package included:
1*OMNIBUS F3 AIO Flight Control

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