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Flip32+ with BARO and MAG

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This is clone of naze32 with each and every component same as that of naze32.

The flip32+ is a fully featured 32bit multirotor flight controller. Measuring just 36mmx36mm and weighing just over 7g, this little board is ideally suited to your miniquad projects. The powerful 32bit processor with the baseflight firmware will ensure your quadcopter stays super stable, even when performing acrobatic manoeuvres. The excellent baseflight firmware is a 32bit fork of the multiwii firmware, and with the added performance of the 32bit processor, this firmware means it will work on almost any multicopter right out of the box with no fiddly tuning required.

Other features include the latest range of sensors such as a 2000 deg/sec MEMS gyro + accelerometer (MPU6050) along with a MS5611 pressure sensor to provide you with accurate inertial and altitude measurements. A nice feature of this board despite the small size is that it includes regular size 3 pin connectors for your ESC’s and RC gear. Please note that this board requires you to solder pin headers before use. You will also need to use google chrome browser to run the configuration software.

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