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Hiller 450 alien crawler frame kit

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This is a simple Quadcopter frame specially designed for FPV use with a GoPro size camera. The plastic arms are positioned in a special way to keep the propellers out of the camera view. The fiberglass central plates have extra space for your FPV gear and also includes a 2 axis aluminium gimbal. The Gimbal features vibration a vibration damping system to keep your video smooth and stable with no 'jelly' effects.

•Centre board is with 2.0mm high quality black fiber glass CNC board
•The lower center board can assemble the flight controller 45*45mm(FF,KK,MWC and so on),ESC
•The tail part of lower board can fix the size of 2200mah lipo battery
•Keep the assemble hole for the high landing Gear
•The uppper center bord can assemble te NAZA GPS
•The tail part of the upper board can take upto a size of 5000mah lipo battey
•FPV camera 38*38mm/33*33mm assembling board
•2 Axis GoPro camera
•F450, F550 arm tube
•Recommend propllers :10'',11'' propellers
•Recommend Motors: 2212 2216 4006 5005
•Recommend servo for camera amount: 9g digital servo

•1 * Rack
•4 * arms
•1 * Mounting screw pack
•7 * shock ball
•6 * aluminum column

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