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Hiller Carbon250 racer base Combo -2204 motor/DB/6x3 props

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Hiller carbon 250 class quad, perfect to fly in small spaces. The 250 Class Quad Racer series frames are literally maxed out with innovative features that the racing fraternity have been screaming out for! The Color Frames are made from carbon fiber which makes the frame super strong yet flexible enough to take the everyday knocks and inevitable high speed collisions. The upper deck of the frames are also made from toughened carbon fiber which has a honeycomb / ribbed pattern to reduce weight and increase durability. The upper deck also includes a camera mount for your camera system along with vibration reducing dampeners to give you the best possible flight footage.
The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is perfect for ESC's and for powering your other electronics. The PCB is easy to mount and simple slots over the frame and is secured by the upper deck frame stacks. The frame provides excellent mounting and securing points for your electronics. The frame offers a fixed upright position for your FPVs in the event of a collision the load is placed on the SMA fitting rather than the PCB which could save your TX!
The arms are upswept which improves stability and provides faster forward flight, the arms also feature built in molded landing gear.

Special Features:
Manufactured from super strong and flexible carbon fiber
• Mobius style upper camera mount with vibration damping
• Internal Camera mount option
• Protective FPV Tx mount built-in
• ESC mounting points
• Upswept arm for improved stability and faster forward flight
• Built-in molded landing gear

● Material: carbon fiber
● Frame Size: 250mm
● Frame Weight: 130g (with PCB)
● Frame Height: 65mm
● Bolt Hole Spacing: 16x19mm / 14x12mm

Package Includes:
● 1 no: 250 frame
● 1 no: distribution board
● 4 nos: 6x3 Props
● 4 nos: Avionic 2204 2300KV Quad motor

Required but not Included:
● 1 no: Wolfpack1300~2200mah 11.1V (3S LiPo)
● 1 no: Wolfpack B3AC 2s/3s compact charger
● 4 nos: 12Amp ESC
● Flight Controller
● 6 ch transmitter - Avionic RCB6i or Avionic RCB OS10

Flight video

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