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HIller RTF Gimbal (motors & controller) for Gopro

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Simple structure and light weight, CNC aluminum alloy structure
Brushless motor direct drive
With anti-vibration rubber balls, easy to adjust
Compatible with Gopro 3,2,1 series and similar sizes cameras available in the market

2208 motors 2nos
BGC 2.0 gimbal controller, sensor (The BGC 2.0 controller is better than V3 controller, it's more stable.)
motor protector which helps heat dissipation
Gimbal weight: 185g (not including camera)

This is RTF version, you only need to connect the battery on the plug (2 cell or 3 cell lipo). This Gimbal works as a stand alone unit and does not need support from units like NAZA, hence very easy for use.

Package includes:
Aluminum gimbal installed 2 motors (assembled) - 1 nos
BGC 2.0 Gimbal controller and sensor - 1 nos
Pitch cable for receiver channel control the pitch by transmitter - 1 nos

we have flashed the firmware and adjusted each function and tested each unit to perfection

Please make sure to install the Gopro Camera in a horizontal position an on a flat surface so that the controller initializes in this position
Connect the power plug with the battery plug, and wait for a few secs and listed to a Low frequency voice and small initializing movement on the frame work. Now you can test this unit by moving this unit and see the Gopro 3 camera position achieving the horizontal position automatically.
If your transmitter have one or more free channel you can use the pitch cable for pitch control or roll for roll movements remotely using your transmitter

Set-up instruction video

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