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Full Set of 17DOF Biped Robot Educational Robotic Kit+(17pcs) MG996+Servo Horn

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This is Full Set of 17DOF Biped Robot Educational Robotic Kit+Seventeen-MG996+Servo Horn.

This robot is a professional small humanoid robot consist of full aluminum parts, smooth surface with smooth edges not hurting hands, the metal is unbleached, beautiful and durable. The High Torque Standard Servo Motor with Dual Ball Bearing and Metal Gears. Provides 14kg/cm at 4.8V and 16kg/cm at 6V. Replacement for HS-645MG.

Arduino Uno R3 based USB 18 Servo Controller is ideal for making Autonomous and PC based systems which run over Hobby Servo motors. The software helps to develop the complex sequences in real time on the hardware like robotic arms, walkers, bipeds and any other servo controlled system.

It also generates Arduino based code for the developed sequence which can be deployed on the controller on board thereby making the robot autonomous.

Features :

  1. Arches punching, corner cutting
  2. Cost-effective and easy-to-use
  3. For hobbyists, robot competition kidsHumanoid robot

Specifications :

  1. Color: Black
  2. Size:40cm(H) x 23cm(W)
  3. Containing the 17DOF:
    • 1DOF of the head
    • 4DOF of the arm
    • 2DOF of the shoulder
    • 2DOF of the hip
    • 6DOF of the legs
    • 2DOF of the feet
The data of high torque servos:
  1. Dimension: 40.8mm x 20mm x 38mm
  2. Weight: 55g
  3. Package weight: 74g
  4. Operating Speed: 0.17sec / 60  degrees (4.8V)
  5. Operating Speed: 0.13sec / 60  degrees (6.0V)
  6. Operation Voltage: 4.8 – 7.2Volts
  7.  Torque: 13KG/CM(4.8V);15KG/CM(6.0V)!
  8. Gear Type: All Metal Gears
  9. Connector Wire: 20 cm
  10. Color: Black

Package Includes :

16 x Multi-functional servo bracket
7 x Short U-type servo bracket
4 x Long U-type servo bracket
4 x Oblique U-type servo bracket
4 x one-type servo bracket
4 x L-type servo bracket
1 x U-type robot waist bracket
2 x Foot Base
14 x Miniature Ball Radial Bearing
17 x Metal Servo Horn
1 x Screw and screw cap set
17 x MG996R Servos
PS2 remote controller x 1 (w/ receiver)
32CH servo control board x 1 (w/ USB cable)

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