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NRS-585 RC Servo Motor

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NRS-585 is a low cost, high performance servo motor. It can provide 4kg-cm torque. This servo motor is suitable for robotics and RC hobby applications.

Servo motor has built in motor, gearbox, position feedback mechanism and motor controller. It can be controlled to move to any position just by using simple pulse controller. This motor has three wire interface for control and power supply. All the robots from NEX Robotics support this servo motor.


Dimension: 40mm x 20mm x38mm
Torque: 4kg-cm at 6V
Stall current: 900mA
Idle current: 5mA
Operating voltage: 4.8V to 6V
Motor weight: 50gms
Operating speed: 0.15sec/60 degree
Temperature range: -20°C to 55°C
0.6 ms for 0 degree Rotation
2.2 ms for 180 degree Rotation

Motor Pinout

Brown cable ---- Gnd
Red cable ---- 5V Supply Voltage
Orange cable ---- PWM Signal


A (mm) 46
B (mm) 40
C (mm) 38
D (mm) 20
E (mm) 55
F (mm) 26

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