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30A Multirotor SimonK ESC

30A Multirotor SimonK ESC

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he RCTimer 30A SimonK ESC is an affordable, quality ESC that comes with the SimonK firmware pre-installed. The SimonK firmware speeds up the rate at which instructions are sent from the ESC to the motor, which for quadcopters and other multicopters increases performance because the motors can respond more quickly to inputs either from the user via radio control or from the autopilot. Flashing ESCs with the SimonK firmware, while not difficult, is an inconvenient process and there is a chance that the ESC will be ruined if it is done incorrectly. With these ESCs, the ideal firmware is already included, so you can begin building right away without the headache of flashing them yourself. This ESC also includes a 5V battery eliminator circuit (BEC).



Input voltage: DC 6-16.8V(2-4S Lipo)

BEC: 5V 2amp

Running current: 30A

Output: Continuous 30A,

Burst 40A (up to 10 Secs)

Size: 36mm (L) * 26mm (W) * 7mm (H)Weight: 32g

These esc are designed for multirotors. But can also be used for planes.

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