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Sunnysky 340KV AgriMotor

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Sunnysky Agriculture Drone Motor

This motor has maximum thrust of up 3KG. For hexacopter maximum takeoff weight will be 18KG but recommended takeoff weight 8 to 10KG for maximum effficiency.

For octocopter maximum takeoff weight will be 24KG and recommended takeoff weight will be 10 to 12KG. Good quality motor specially designed for agruculture use. Some of our clients use this motor for pesticide spray system using hexa or a n octacopter.


Specification of this motor:

Diameter is 41mm and thickness is 10mm

KV: 340KV

Maximum Continious Current is 32A  and maximum power consumption is 800watts

Weight is 165 grams

Maximum battery upto 6S (22.2V) and recommended ESC is 40A

Recommended propeller is 15 inches to 17 inches.