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58mm Plastic Omni Wheel for Lego

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The 58mm Plastic Omni Wheel for Lego is the smallest Omni wheel with the loading capacity of 3kg. These wheels are compatible with Lego Motors and so with the Lego Robots.

They equip double nylon disc for each wheel plate. These 58mm small Omni wheels are the special choice of Lego Robot designers.

They feature rubber rollers along the circumference of the wheel which avoids slipping while moving sideways and gives minimum friction in movement.

This 58mm Plastic Omni Wheel gives your Lego robot more controllable degrees of freedom as compared to conventional wheels which give only 2 degrees of freedom i.e moving forward and backward. The Omni Wheels provide easy 360° movement; with rotational and sideways maneuverability.

So, what makes this wheels move in all direction? those are the small rollers along the wheel circumference. These Rollers are placed in such a way that the rotational axis of this rollers is perpendicular to the rotational axis of the main wheel. So, the Omni wheels can rotate in a forward and a backward direction like ordinary wheels and also rotate freely around itself i.e 360° rotation because of such two rotational axes within one wheel.

Features :

  1. Small size wheel
  2. It can bear loads around 3 kg.
  3. 4 disc assembly gives them good strength.
  4. Compatible with Lego Motors

Package Includes :

1 x 58mm Plastic Omni Wheel for Lego
2 x Motor Couplings
1 x Coupling Accessories

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