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DC Geared Motor with Encoder 75 RPM 26N.cm 12V SPG30E-60K

DC Geared Motor with Encoder 75 RPM 26N.cm 12V SPG30E-60K

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The famous DC Geared Motor with Encoder 75 RPM 26N.cm 12V SPG30E-60K with additional magnetic quadrature encoder at the rear shaft, SPG30 is 1.1W DC brushed motor with compact size, a low-cost solution for projects such as a medium-size robot, Omni drive robot, mechanism, etc.

This model of SPG30 brushed motor comes with 60:1 gearbox attached. The gearbox output shaft is a D-shaped with 15.5mm long and 6mm in diameter.

For mounting, the depth of the thread of the motor is 3.2 mm. So, you need to use 3.2 mm length of M3 size screw (not included with the thickness of the bracket). A longer screw will damage the gearbox. You may need to consider the thickness of the bracket or other mechanisms that you need to attach to the motor for choosing the right length of the screw.

  • You may also need:
  1. Coupling-for mounting customized wheel or mechanism
  2. Bracket for mounting motor
  3. Plastic Wheel- for mobile robot
  4. 2Amp Motor Driver Shield- for Arduino user

Package Includes:

1 x DC Geared Motor with Encoder Rated 75 RPM 26N.cm 12V SPG30E-60K

Specifications and features:

  1. Brand: Cytron
  2. Model: SPG30E-60K
  3. Weight: 171 gm
  4. Rated Voltage: 12V-DC
  5. Rated current: < 600 mA
  6. No load current: < 100 mA
  7. Rated Output Power: 41.3 Watt
  8. No load speed (r.p.m) : 75 ± 7.5
  9. Rated load speed (r.p.m) : 50 ± 5
  10. Rated Torque: 2.6 kg.cm.
  11. Rated load torque: 3kg.cm.
  12. Gear Ratio: 60:1
  13. Shaft Type: D-shaped with 6mm diameter,
  14. Shaft Lenght: 15.5mm
  15. Motor Body Diameter: 38mm
  16. Motor Lenght: 65 mm
  17. Gear Material: Metal
  18. 5V Quadrature Hall Effect Encoder – Monitoring the position and direction of rotation
  19. Resolution of the encoder output:
    • 3 pulses per rear shaft revolution, single channel output
    • 180 counts per main shaft revolutions


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User Manual for MO-SPG-30E-xxxK:


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Click here for Encoder Tutorial and Code

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