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Thorax Mini FPV Hex Multi-Rotor Frame Kit

Thorax Mini FPV Hex Multi-Rotor Frame Kit

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The New HobbyKing Thorax is a face full of attitude, this little mini hex is the best of both worlds using common sized batteries and FPV gear, but with all the agility and fun of a 250 class racer.

The Thorax is a 310mm FPV machine with built in sub-frame camera mounts and vibration isolated Mobius platform. Designed for 250 class power systems and 5inch props the beefy 4mm motor arms have all mounting options and can handle a range of motors from 1704~2206 class. There are a number of standardized mounting points for all your gear, including the 30.5mm FC points. The composite FR4 construction and design makes this a super strong and light weight at just over 200g.

The Hex gives you that extra lift needed for standard 2200mAH class batteries everyone has a draw full of and can lift full FPV gear with ease. The added efficiency of unloaded 5inch props and the bigger battery gives you a bit more air time fun as well.

The Thorax as the name implies, is in the middle of bigger cruisers and speed racers and is the prefect amount of different, and a whole lot of FUN.

• Vibration isolated Mobius mount
• Integrated FPV in frame camera mount
• 12,14,16mm and Tri motor mounting holes
• Beefy super strong 4mm FR4 motor arms
• All FR4 composite construction
• Uses common sized batteries
• Great looks

Wheelbase: 310mm
weight: 210g
Motor mounting: 12,14,16mm and Tri
Lower cam mount: Standard 20~30mm cube cams
Upper cam mount: For Mobius 40x65mm

6 x 1704~2206 motors
6 x 5inch propellers
6 x 10~15A ESC
Flight controller
1300~2200 3s battery
5ch Radio

The Thorax was inspired by the Mini Hexacopter designed by Clayton Harp, a big thanks to Clayton for the feedback during our development. We would like to thank the open source community and the contributors of the Mini Hexacopter that inspired the Thorax design, Designer/contributors: Labcopilot, Gearwolf, kfinisterre, TyLilly, ToTheHilt.

The Original Mini-Hexacopter Files and Information can be found here


Released under CC BY-SA 4.0


Note: See the files tab for documentation and cad files.

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