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3.5mm Gold Bullet Connectors Male (12Pcs).

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Polymax 3.5mm Gold Bullet Connectors Male (12Pcs).

Standard Polymax 3.5mm Gold Bullet Connectors (12 Pcs Male), perfect for ESC & motor connections. Rated to ~80A. Designed by PolyMax.

This package contains 12 Nos Male 3.5MM Gold plated bullet connectors. The Male connector is typically installed on the motor side.

Gold plated connector assures of reliable low resistance connections. Ideal for Brushless Motor/Speed Controller connections . Thoughtfully packaged as 12 Pieces since usually motor/esc pairs require 3 sets. So this set can be used with 4 Motors.

Designed to be used with RC planes, drones, DIY projects, radio controlled airplanes, multicopters, quadcopters and other flying toys.

FREE ! 10Cm each of Red and Black 4MM High quality Heatshrink tubes .

Heatshrink tubes are needed to insulate/protect the open soldered connections on the connectors. Stop using tapes and leaving connections dangerously open. @Vortex-RC we are committed in providing complete and thoughtful affordable packages that help you shop and build RC projects affordable and efficiently. Buy with Confidence – This product has been tested, used and approved by the best in the hobby


Connector: 3.5MM Polymax Bullet spring connector Female
Material: Gold plated
Quantity: 12Pcs per package
Heatshrink Tubes:
Black 4MM 10Cm Polyolefin. Shrink Ratio 1:2
Red 4MM 10Cm Polyolefin. Shrink Ratio 1:2

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