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Avionic RCB OS-10 with lipo

Avionic RCB OS-10 with lipo

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FOR OUR INDIAN CUSTOMERS:- Please note this 2.4 Ghz transmitter and receiver has been approved by the WPC authorities of India.
PLEASE NOTE THAT AS PER THE LEGAL REQUIREMENTS OF WPC (WIRELESS PLANNING COMMISSION) OF INDIA WE WILL REQUIRE A COPY OF THE BUYERS / PAYER'S IDENTIFICATION OF THIS TRANSMITTER/S. Identifications would be a typical driving licence, passport copy, PAN card, rations card, voters id etc... without this we will not be able to proces your order or sell the radios even after payments, you can email a scanned copy of your identification to [email protected] In an event of purchase and on non submittance of the identification the payment will be returned to the buyer deducting the bank charges if paid by credit card or debit card or by online transfer through our CCAvenue gateway

The Avionic RCB OS-10 is a 10 Channel transmitter with Open Source software which means the options to upgrade your transmitter is literally limitless. This transmitter can be used on CCPM helis, planes, gliders, cars, multi copters etc. The RCB OS-10 has telemetry and you can read / measure the voltage of the lipo battery connected to your receiver. More sensors for telemetry are getting added soon.
The transmitter comes with a back lit lcd screen and has vibration control (a small micro motors has been installed in the transmitter), this motor will get activated when ever you battery seems to be low in our tx hence sending you a warning to get your model to the ground. This transmitter can be used on nitro planes / helis, Large gasser or helis and also electric powered models.

The Avionic RCB OS-10 has all and more features of any high end transmitter BUT with the fraction of cost. Are you thinking on how have we managed to reduce the cost by such high margins???... simple answer.
we found the mould cost is one of the major cost in developing a new product, hence to cut this large chunk of cost we used the same mould / case of our RCB6i (but with a new colour). With some modifications we were able to cut out costs drastically. In turn we are now able to sell this to you at such a fantastic price.

we have also done backward compatibility, meaning you can pair and use the RCB OS-10 to the earlier RZ6 (6 channel) receiver and also the RZ4 (4 channel micro receiver). The Receiver is made compatible with the latest SBus technology plus we have added a voltage check unit at the back of the receiver (wires provided with the transmitter). This version of the transmitter comes included with also a 2200mah 7.4v (2s) 2200mah 8C lipo battery

• Open Source software with 10 Ch facility
• Telemetry
• Vibration warning assist
• 2.4 GHz FHSS technology provides a highly secure connection, optimum responsiveness, increased range and the ability to fly more safely.
• Helis, Airplanes /Sailplanes mixes (tailerons, flapperons, V-Tail), Quads and more
• Digital smooth trims
• Mode 1 (3) and Mode 2 (4) on flipping a single switch.
• Digital trims on the 4 main channels.
• 3 types of protocol, PPM, 10Ch and 6Ch
• Unique ID imprint can be done manually from your transmitter to pair your receiver
• 3 point Dual rates
• 30 model memories with model naming on 4 characters.
• Trainer and student facility
• Simulator connector in the front of the transmitter
• Foldable handle and antenna.
• Fail Safe
• Digital programmable transmitter with 10-channel able to effectively control model airplanes or gliders.
• Sticks are accurate and height adjustable for a perfect fit for the pilot's hands.
• Tie neck strap hook positioned for perfect balanced device.
• Short antenna retractable for easy storage of the device during transport.
• Retractable carrying handle for easy storage of the device during transport and for resting on the ground.
• LCD to enable reading of your settings in any surroundings.
• 4 programming buttons allow quick and easy access to all features.
• Reinforced Security system based on a unique identifier between the transmitter and receiver, as well as the verification of the position of the throttle stick to idle power.
• 4 digital trims with automatic storage for each model memory and visual graphic and audible tones.
• Pairing functionality with 10ch Rx and also the earlier version of 6ch Rx.

Package contains:
• 1 no: Avionic RCB OS-10, 10 channel 2.4Ghz transmitter
• 1 no: Avionic RZ10, 10 channel SBus compatible receiver
• 1 no: Connector wires for Voltage check on receiver
• 1 no: Wolfpack 7.4V 2200mah 8C lipo battery

This product is designed in India and France.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ALWAYS SWITCH OFF THE TRANSMITTER AND THEN PULL OUT THE BATTERY... DO NOT PULL THE TRANSMITTER BATTERY OUT WHEN THE TRANSMITTER IS ON. If the battery is pulled out the EPROM will be damaged and the transmitter might undergo unrepeatable damage and will NOT be included in the warranty.


As this transmitter operates on Opensource software we keep developing and enhancing its capabilities regularly for you to enjoy the full capabilities of this transmitter. Due to this continuous update of firmware the menus and sub-menus keep changing hence we do not have a "constant / printed" manual of this radio. However the basic menus are stated in the below videos which we request all users of this radio to watch carefully before operating the same.

We will keep uploading the firmware for you to update the same constantly, the method of updating the firmware are shown in the video below.

To download the SOFTWARE click HERE

To update the latest FIRMWARE click HERE

If you are a software geek and want to modify the Source Code of the radio click HERE

Avionic RCB OS 10 firmware update tutorial - courtesy SWAPNIL

Software and firmware update tutorial

Binding proceedure of RCB OS-10 transmitter with RZ10 (10ch) receiver

Binding proceedure of RCB OS-10 transmitter with RZ6 (6ch) receiver

Product introduction and working video

1. Introduction video

Prelaunch Main menu settings video

Parameter setting video

Model and transmitter setting video

Timer, Receiver and monitor setting video
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