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7800mAh Lithium Ion 6Cell 30A

7800mAh Lithium Ion 6Cell 30A

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7800mAh 22.2V Lithium Ion Battery Pack


This cell pack is made from good quality cells. Cell packs are made with quality nickle strip. You do not need a special charger of BMS. You can charge battery using normal 6 Cell RC Charger.

Battery Voltage: 22.2 Volts ( 6S) (3P)

Number of Cells: 18

Voltage of Each Cell: 3.7V

Connector: XT60

This cellpack is good for low amps consuming appication like e-bike, powe bank, low amps consuming applications..

Advantage of this cell pack: Lipo batteries cannot be repaired if damaged. Lipo battery gets damaged if used completely and less charge cycles. Li-Ion can be recharged much many times than LiPo. We can also service this cell pack like change of cell etc..


Discharge rate of this cell pack is 30A. You need to make sure your application is using less than 30A If your application is using high amps then you can go for our other cell packs like LG HG2 or Sony VTC6 which delivers more amps. You can check your application amps usage using an amp meter or watt meter.


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