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Hobbywing XRotor-10A ESC COB

Hobbywing XRotor-10A ESC COB

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This version has Wire Lead for Motor Connection

The Hobbywing XRotor 10A speed controller has been designed specifically for multi-rotor applications.  Besides regular throttle signals with a refresh rate below 500Hz, the XRotor 10A ESC also supports OneShot mode throttle signals.  In this mode the communication between the flight controller and the ESC becomes more agile , the throttle linearity is better and the response speed in much faster.  The XRotor 15A adopted the DEO technology (Driving Efficiency Optimization)which has multiple advantages such as active breaking, higher driving efficiency for longer flight times and lower ESC temperature.


  • Special core program for multi-rotor controllers meets various functional requirements against multi-rotors. 
  • Specially optimized software for excellent compatibility with disc-type motors.
  • DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization) technology significantly reduces the ESC temperature,improves the throttle response, and strengthens the stability and flexibility of multi-rotors. This ESC is quite suitable for QAVs. (The motors slow down rapidly, especially when reducing the throttle amount.) 
  • Compatible with “Regular” signal-receiving mode (that is the ESC can receive regular throttle signals range from 1100μs to1940μs) and “One Shot” signal-receiving mode (that is the ESC can receive fixed throttle signals range from 125μs to250μs).
  • The twisted-pair design of the throttle signal cable effectively reduces the crosstalk produced in signal transmission and makes flight more stable.
  • In “Regular” signal-receiving mode, the ESC is compatible with various flight-controllers and supports a signal frequency of up to 500Hz.


  • Continuous current: 10A
  • Peak current: 15A
  • BEC: No
  • Lipo: 2~3S
  • Timing:  Medium/High
  • Bullet Connector : 2mm
  • Weight: 6.5g
  • Dimensions: 36.5 x 16.4 x 4.1mm
  • Application: 250 class multi-rotors

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