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Ublox Neo 7M GPS with Stand

Ublox Neo 7M GPS with Stand

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Ublox Neo 7M GPS comes with inbuilt HMC 5883L Digital compass. It is a low power GPS module with high senstivity that has 56 channels and outputs precise position updates at 10Hz. The GPS module come with a moulded plastic case which keeps the module protected against the elements making it ideal for use on your aircraft or quadcopter.This Ublox Neo 7M GPS module uses an active circuitry ceramic patch antenna to provide excellent GPS signal which outperforms the older Ublox Neo 6 series modules. This Ublox Neo 7 module also includes a rechargeable backup battery to allow for HOT starts and also includes an i2c EEPROM to store the configuration settings. Out of the box this GPS module is configured to run at 38400 Baud and is configured to run with APM/Pixhawk systems. This GPS module includes two cables, a 6pin connector for the GPS module and a 4 pin connector for the i2c compass.Other than disabling the internal compass, connecting the UBlox is the same for APM2.0/APM2.5 as for APM2.6.